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All prices are subject to change. Prices listed are starting prices and vary by stylist. 

Hair Dying



Includes: custom consultation, relaxing shampoo and conditioning customized to your hair type, and a blowout with a choice of end style.

All Over Color 


AKA single-process hair color. This process involves coloring all of your hair with a single shade. This service does not include any blonding, highlights or fashion color. All over color includes gray coverage, or depositing a natural tone all over your hair.   



A semi-permanent treatment to protect color-treated hair, repair damage or boost your color and shine. Can be clear or tinted to accentuate your hair color. 

Custom Color


This service should be used for fashion colors or colors that don't fit the description of anything else. 

Brazilian Blowout


Brazilian Blowout improves the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle

Full Head Highlights


A full foil means to foil the hair on the entire head, including the underneath sections. If you want to see highlights underneath your hair when you wear your hair up, this is the way to go. This service includes a gloss.

Color Correction


This color usually takes more than 4 hours and requires multiple methods. 


Book Consultation

We offer sew-ins, Tape-Ins, Keratin, and I-tips

Color Touch-Up


This is only suitable for clients who have had color in the last 6-8 weeks and need their regrowth touched up. Longer than 8 weeks of regrowth may result in extra color formulation and increased price to match previous color. This service includes wash, blow dry, and style.

Mini Highlight


This is a partial, partial foil. So just a couple foils on both sides of the head by the ears so you see some highlights when your hair is pulled up in a pony tail and 5 - 7 foils on the very top of your head so you have some more brightness. This is a great alternative to a partial foil when you only need a few peices of blonde or color added inbetween appointments.

Partial Balayage


While a traditional balayage consists of applying highlights throughout your full head of hair, a partial balayage only includes highlights on your top layer of hair. This service includes a gloss or tone.

Bleach Touch Up (roots only)


Choose this option if you are a solid root retouch blonde with less than an inch of growout (also known as a bleach and tone). This service includes a toner.

Conditioning Treatments

$25 add on to any service 

Get a customized treatment for your hair, This an be for dryness, damage, and/or shine.

Olaplex Conditioning

$38- $80 (add on or stand alone)

A formula that is designed to restore proteins and moisture in the hair. Two step process to help keep you hair health and shiny. Often the client will wear a cap and be placed under a dryer for 10-20 minutes.

Full Balayage

$250 - $400+

A balayage lightener will give you just a few levels of lift per session and will give you a lot of dimension. It has a great blend and creates lots of movement. One session averages 2.5 hours. Balayage refers to painting color or lightener onto the hair freehand, rather than by using foils. This is not precise and gives a more chunky, natural, grown-in look. This service includes a gloss.

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